14 things that Trump did in his first week as President-elect

The Trumpocracy begins.

This is the first in a weekly series tracking the Trump transition and presidency. As a candidate, Trump was able to avoid accountability through volume. He said and did so many things, it was hard for any individual statement or action to have an impact. Many things were simply forgotten as new outrages took their place.

Accountability requires awareness. This series is focused on creating a real-time record of what Trump and his administration says and does.

November 8–15, 2016

  1. Trump broke his pledge to separate his business interests from his presidency. [Link]
  2. Trump sought security clearances for three of his adult children. [Link]
  3. After pledging to “drain the swamp,” Trump stuffed his transition team with lobbyists. [Link]
  4. Trump said he was forced to rely on lobbyists because “everybody is a lobbyist.” [Link]
  5. Trump publicly complained that protests around the country were “unfair” and staged by “professional protesters.” [Link, Link]
  6. Trump named a white nationalist to be his “chief strategist” in the White House. [Link]
  7. Trump named a political operative with no government or policy experience to be his chief of staff. [Link]
  8. Trump schemed about how to quickly withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, putting the world at greater risk of catastrophic warming. [Link]
  9. Trump pledged to immediately deport as many as 3 million immigrants. [Link]
  10. Trump falsely claimed the New York Times was losing thousands of subscribers because it published stories critical of him. [Link]
  11. Trump said he was willing to break his promise to build a wall and just put up a fence on some parts of the southern border. [Link]
  12. Trump acknowledged that, if he is able to reshape the Supreme Court to his liking, many women will have to go to another state to get an abortion. [Link]
  13. Trump said that no one cares if he ever releases his tax returns. [Link]
  14. Trump had a phone call with Vladimir Putin where they agreed to fight “extremism” together. [Link]