Bjorn loser: After grossing $63k, Lomborg’s box office bomb “Cool It” comes out on DVD

Bjorn Lomborg’s effort at mass miscommunication, Cool It, will indeed go down as one of the great box office bombs.

According to Box Office Mojo, after grossing a whopping $58,179 in its debut month of December, it grossed $4, 534 from 12/1 to 12/24 before it was pulled from theaters. That would be $189 per day, or roughly $24 per theater.

Ouch! You don’t have to be a statistician like the Danish delayer himself to figure out that nobody watched and somebody has lost a bundle of money. We’re talking Heaven’s Gate, The Adventures of Pluto Nash and Gigli territory. Still, it managed to be the 401st highest grossing documentary of all time, edging out such classics as “Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired” (409) and “Orgasm Inc” (460).

Now it’s out in DVD and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to rent or own it.

Lomborg has no natural audience because conservatives don’t like the fact that he pretends to believe in global warming science and progressives don’t like the fact that he doesn’t actually want to do anything about global warming except diss the people who do.


The movie is just a clever loss leader for Lomborg’s bad ideas, as I noted (see Climate Science Rapid Response Team debunks Bjorn Lomborg’s Washington Post op-ed). A film is a ticket to widespread media attention, far more than even a new book provides. For instance, the movie means that credulous reviewers who don’t follow the energy and climate debate closely will write columns that millions will read (see “Cool It and plausible deniability”), compared to the, uhh, hundreds that are flocking to the film.

Lomborg continues to spread disinformation (see “Now that his movie has bombed, Lomborg is back to telling folks “Go Ahead and Guzzle”). And Newsweek just published a bunch more of his nonsense here:

Done With the WindBy unleashing human ingenuity, the world can solve its energy woes. Wind power won’t do it.

Yes, it’s attack on wind power and solar power by a guy who pretends that he believes in global warming so that the media will treat him as a rara avis, an iconoclastic, contrarian environmentalist, rather than the dime-a-dozen climate ostrich and professional denier that he is.

Seriously, MSM, can’t you find a disinformer whose ideas are actually popular?

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