Pro-Trump pastor says Charlottesville was caused by the left-wing media

Pastor Darrell Scott thinks the left-wing media and white supremacists "feed off each other."

Pastor Darrell Scott
Pastor Darrell Scott CREDIT: MSNBC screenshot

The CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump believes that the blame for racist violence this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, not only belongs to the white nationalist marchers and the anti-Nazi counter protesters, but also to the “liberal media.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur on Tuesday, Pastor Darrell Scott defended President Trump’s widely panned handling of the crisis, noting that he had condemned “all the hate groups involved, without specifying which ones there were.” He then noted that “it seems we’re giving these counter-protesters a pass,” saying “let’s not act like they did not go with the intent to shut that protest down by any means necessary.”

He then blasted the media for giving too much attention to what happened. “The possibility for violence was there, in this one. That’s why the media intensified it. Let me tell you something, I really think the left wing media and the white supremacists have a synergistic relationship. They feed off each other.”


Scott then suggested that these white supremacists “gravitated toward Trump” only because that was “the direction they were pointed at from the outset of this campaign” as the media drove the narrative that Trump is racist. 


You know full well he does not embrace Naziism,” Scott scolded Tur. “His son-in-law is Jewish. His personal lawyer, my friend Michael Cohen… his parents were Holocaust survivors, he’s Jewish. Some of his best friends are Jewish.”