Fearing high gas prices, Sean Hannity proposes re-invading Iraq and Kuwait to “take all their oil”

I’m not certain what is more inane: That Hannity would say this — or that he actually believes such an invasion would lower oil prices for Americans. Think Progress has the story (with video) in this cross-post.

Friday’s Hannity on Fox News featured a discussion by the Great American Panel about high gas prices, which host Sean Hannity claimed are “now gonna go up to three, four, five dollars a gallon again.” The panel ruefully noted that Arab sheiks possess great amounts of oil, and pointed out a recent statement by Kuwait’s oil minister that he believes the market can withstand $100-per-barrel oil. After noting that Kuwait is a country that “would not exist [but] for us,” Hannity angrily offered his remedy:

HANNITY: There’s two things I said. I say why isn’t Iraq paying us back with oil, and paying every American family and their soldiers that lost loved ones or have injured soldiers “” and why didn’t they pay for their own liberation? For the Kuwait oil minister “” how short his memory is. You know, we have every right to go in there and frankly take all their oil and make them pay for the liberation, as these sheiks, etcetera etcetera, you know were living in hotels in London and New York, as Trump pointed out, and now they’re gouging us and saying ‘oh of course we can withstand [these prices].’”

Watch it:

In the most recent invasion of Iraq, there have been 4,442 American combat deaths and over 30,000 injuries, many of them traumatic and debilitating. The cost of the war is at $3 trillion and counting, and the invasion demolished America’s global standing. Apparently, Hannity would be willing to re-pay this cost for cheaper gasoline.


Hannity also acts as if Iraq should be grateful for the invasion and turn over its natural resources. Of course, anywhere from 100,000 to one million Iraqi civilians died during the unwanted invasion, which destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure and cultural heritage.

On the other hand, Hannity has previously noted that he “travel(s) on private planes, [and] I have an SUV that I’m proud of.” Surely, the hundred-millionaire would be hurt by $3-per-gallon gas.

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