Jesse Watters attacks Ilhan Omar for speaking up about death threats against her

"Everybody gets death threats."

The Five's Jesse Watters on May 9, 2019. (Fox News/Screengrab)
The Five's Jesse Watters on May 9, 2019. (Fox News/Screengrab)

A Fox News host on Wednesday accused Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) of whining about threats to kill her.

“Everybody gets death threats,” The Five‘s Jesse Watters said in reference to the Minnesota Democrat, who has faced multiple violent threats since taking office in January. “We get them. We don’t whine about them.”

After NBC’s Seth Meyers criticized Meghan McCain’s treatment of Omar in an interview that aired earlier on Wednesday, Watters claimed Democrats only defend their freshman colleague “to protect the ability of the left to traffic in anti-Semitism.”

“She’s not that talented, she didn’t raise a lot of money,” added Watters.

Omar was one of the top Democratic fundraisers in the first quarter of this year, raising nearly $850,000.

A Florida man was arrested last month for allegedly making threatening phone calls to both Omar’s office and that of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).


A New York man was arrested two weeks earlier after being accused of calling the Minnesota Democrat’s office and threatening to “put a bullet in her fucking skull.”

A bomb threat was called into a California hotel where Omar was scheduled to speak in March. An FBI investigation was launched after a message calling for Omar’s assassination was found at a Minnesota convenience store in February.

Omar has been a frequent target of bad-faith attacks from Republicans and some Democratic colleagues since her election in November.

The Minnesota Democrat — the first black Muslim woman to serve in the House and the first member of Congress to wear a hijab — said the frequency of violent threats directed at her increased after President Donald Trump promoted an Islamophobic attack against her in March.

Watters, Bill O’Reilly’s former producer, has a long history of derogatory remarks. The Fox News personality used a series of offensive Asian stereotypes in a cringeworthy 2016 segment filmed in New York City’s Chinatown. Watters also took an abrupt vacation from Fox News in 2017 after making an oral sex joke about Ivanka Trump, the president’s oldest daughter.