Giuliani Repeats Debunked Myth: China Is ‘Drilling For American Oil’ Off The Coast Of Cuba

Last night on his CNN show, Glenn Beck hosted failed GOP presidential contender — and ardent supporter of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) presidential campaign — Rudy Giuliani. During the segment, Giuliani recycled the old thoroughly debunked GOP talking point that the U.S. needs to start drilling for off-shore oil because China is doing it off the coast of Cuba. But this time, Guiliani included a special twist in his argument — that China is taking “American oil”:

GIULIANI: And you look at — you look at Cuba … Cuba is going to allow China to drill for oil within 80 miles of Florida. And Florida had a 300-mile limit. So in essence, we have China drilling for American oil. […] An American company would do it much more carefully. It would be regulated better. We`ve got to open up all these other things.

Watch it:

Yesterday, the Washington Post’s Ben Pershing said the China/Cuba oil drilling claim is the GOP’s “myth that keeps on giving,” calling it “just too juicy not to repeat.” TPM has been keeping a fairly solid list of the large number of conservatives hyping the false story.


At a separate part of last night’s interview, Beck — a stringent global warming denier — tried to get Giuliani on board, asking: “You don’t buy into global warming, do you?” But Giuliani wouldn’t bite, responding, “Well, I do.” An astonished Beck quickly said, “Wait…do you believe that man is causing it?” Giuliani still wouldn’t take the bait: “I think there is more evidence that man is contributing it to than not.”

So it seems that while Giuliani actually believes that humans are causing global warming, his desire to keep drilling for more oil indicates that he has no interest in doing anything about it.

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