Gohmert Likens Homosexuality To ‘Adultery’, Suggests Gays People ‘Cannot Control Their Hormones’

During an appearance on the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch Weekly radio program on Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) likened homosexuality to ‘adultery’ and suggested that gay people wouldn’t be able to control their hormones if allowed to serve openly in the armed forces:

GOHMERT: Some people say, “Where is homosexuality in violation of the Ten Commandments?” Well it’s adultery, it’s sexual relations outside of marriage, a man and a woman ….. specifically for the military, when anyone, whether their homosexual or heterosexual, cannot control their hormones to the point that they are distraction[s] to the good order and discipline of the military, then they need to be removed from the military. […]

PERKINS: What happens if the courts or even congress — that is currently debating this issue — changes the policy? Will that not ultimately lead, if you have to say homosexual behavior is acceptable — would not then the policies have to be changed or the laws, rather changed about heterosexual immorality?

GOHMERT: Well of course it would.


These comments only add to Gohmert’s long list of homophobic remarks. Last year, Gohmert called the DADT repeal “perverse…social experimentation” and said that soldiers are being “held hostage by a sociological attack.” His rant included a bizarre argument that the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill would lead to a legalization of necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality and said that taking away “moral teaching in America” would create a situation similar to that of Germany in the “1920′s and 1930′s” when a “little guy with a mustache” took over.


On a substantive note, as CAP’s Larry Korb points out, DoD should implement a broad code of social conduct that covers all personal relationships and behavior that undermine good order and discipline, whether they’re the fault of gay or straight soldiers. (H/T: Good As You)