Gohmert Trades Ideas With Conspiracy Theorist, Says Obama Health Plan Will ‘Absolutely Kill Senior Citizens’

Last Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joined radical conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his radio talk show for an interview. Jones has made a name for himself propagating conspiracies ranging from the claim that Bill Clinton planned the Oklahoma City bombings to the idea that the attacks on 9/11 were orchestrated by a cabal of American and Israeli government officials.

During the 30-minute interview about “nation ending stuff,” Gohmert used his opportunity on the Jones show to showcase his own odd anti-Obama conspiracy theories:

GOHMERT: We’ve been battling this socialist health care, the nationalization of health care, that is going to absolutely kill senior citizens. They’ll put them on lists and force them to die early because they won’t get the treatment as early as they need. […] I would rather stop this socialization of health care because once the government pays for your health care, they have every right to tell you what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, where you live. […] But if we’re going to pay 700 million dollars like we voted last Friday to put condoms on wild horses, and I know it just says an un-permanent enhanced contraception whatever the heck that is. I guess it follows that they’re eventually get around to doing it to us.

The outrageous claim that a public option in health care will kill people is becoming a popular meme within the GOP caucus, used also by members such as Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA). But not to be outdone, Jones offered the congressman his own set of conspiracy theories and outlandish statements, many of which Gohmert agreed with:

JONES: Did you hear about the WH science czar calling for putting stuff in the water to sterilize us?

GOHMET: No, I had not heard that. […]

GOHMERT: People are always willing to give up their liberty to get economic stability.

JONES: Look at Hitler.

GOHMERT: Absolutely. Boy that’s the best example, maybe the best example. […]

JONES: As the Time magazine headline said, we’ve almost got national health care. They’ve almost got eugenics control grid over us. Can you speak to your website, how we help you. In closing, the youth brigades, national service compulsory in a group outside the military under the Democratic party control in the city year in the red and black uniforms? […] In closing, and we’re going to let you go sir, the youth brigades, national compulsory service, the Democrats have introduced those bills. Your take on that?

GOHMERT: Well you just referred to that point in history where this stuff has been done before. It was done in the 1930s and its not the only place its been done. It has been done throughout history.

JONES: Mao did it.

GOHMERT: Well that’s exactly what I was thinking of. This is the kind of the thing we got to stop. We got to get back to the roots, the basics.

Listen here:

While swapping conspiracy theories, the two also traded compliments. “That shows how on top of things you are, Alex,” said Gohmert at one point, praising the talk show’s knowledge. Jones also thanked Gohmert many times and reminded him that “you’re there fighting and we’re supporting you.”


Despite his outlandish views, Jones’ influence can not be underestimated. Richard Poplawski, the young man who gunned down three Pittsburgh police officers earlier this year after professing a fear that the government would confiscate his guns, was a die-hard fan of Jones. Jones, who rants daily about Obama’s intentions to revoke the 2nd amendment, is also one of the loudest voices for the “birther movement.”