Ohio Catholic University Threatens LGBT Alumni For Exposing Anti-Gay Curriculum

An unofficial group of LGBT alumni and their allies from Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio was recently threatened by the school after exposing condemnations of homosexuality in its course curriculum. The group, now known as “Franciscan Gay Alumni & Allies,” sent a press release this week exposing the class:

Franciscan University continues to class gay people with murderers and rapists.Outdated prejudices appear to be given more weight than scientific truth at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. A recent survey of Franciscan University’s course offerings found this active course description on their website:

SWK 314DEVIANT BEHAVIOR focuses on the sociological theories of deviant behavior such as strain theory, differential association theory, labeling theory, and phenomenological theory. The behaviors that are primarily examined are murder, rape, robbery, prostitution, homosexuality, mental illness, and drug use. The course focuses on structural conditions in society that potentially play a role in influencing deviant behavior.3 credit hours (Bold font added for emphasis)

As the press release goes on to point out, homosexuality was declassified as a mental disorder decades ago, so its inclusion under “deviant behavior” is a direct attack on the lives of gays and lesbians. Franciscan University actually responded to the press release — with a cease and desist order:


I am advising you that you have no right to use the Name of Franciscan University, its logo or any other reference to the University in any of your activities. This statement by me is as General Counsel to the University. Should you not comply with my demand that you cease and desist, I will take all measures available to the University to interdict your activities as they relate to the University.

Thus, the group removed the word “University” from its name, but not its press release.

Franciscan University currently maintains accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission and is ranked as one of the Young America’s Foundation’s top 10 conservative colleges. The school is one of many Catholic Universities that sued the Obama administration over the Obamacare contraception guarantee, and even dropped its student insurance program in protest. Clearly, this is a school that cares more about imposing its own narrow beliefs than even respecting its students and alumni.