Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton Tied To ‘Muslim Sisterhood’

Following the election of Mohammed Morsi as Egypt’s new President — marking the success of the country’s first democratic Presidential election — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded in her characteristic diplomatic manner. Speaking to reporters in Finland on Wednesday, Clinton said, “we expect president-elect Morsi, as he forms a government, to demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity that is manifest by representatives of the women of Egypt, of the Coptic Christian community, of the secular non-religious community and, of course, young people. We hope that full democracy is understood to be more than one election. One election does not a democracy make.”

According to Rush Limbaugh, however, Clinton’s statements only disguised her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist organization to which Morsi ascribes. On his radio show, Limbaugh accused Huma Abedin — former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife and a top aide to Hillary Clinton — of having strong familial ties to the Brotherhood. By extension, he says, Clinton must also have personal ties to the group. He described the connection:

LIMBAUGH: Huma Abedin, Mrs. Anthony Weiner, Mrs. Huma Weiner, she is Hillary Clinton’s number one aide. And Huma’s mother is best friends with the new First Lady of Egypt, the wife of the new Muslim Brotherhood guy, Morsi. That’s really all you need to know. But there’s much more to know. That’s why Hillary is out celebrating the brotherhood. That’s why Hillary is joining Obama in telling the military to give it up for the Brotherhood guy. Because Huma’s mom, there’s actually a group, the Muslim Sisterhood, essentially, that is an offshoot of the Brotherhood. And Huma’s mom is best friends with the new so-called First Lady of Egypt, who is also a member of the Sisterhood. Folks, it’s Peyton place. It’s too much to keep up with.



Limbaugh’s claims that Clinton has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood are baseless. His suggestion that Huma Abedin’s mother is connected to the group through her participation in the so-called “Muslim Sisterhood,” is founded in conspiracy theories being reported by conservative media outlets. Like Limbaugh, these outlets have no evidence of the veracity of their claims, and cite no reliable sources.

Nina Liss-Schultz