Sharron Angle Labels President Obama A Domestic Enemy

Sharron Angle was last seen losing a race for U.S. Senate to Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in an election in which her extreme positions and statements damaged her standing with even some Republicans in Nevada. For example, she said she opposed abortions even in cases of rape or incest because it would interfere with God’s “plan.” She also famously suggested “Second Amendment remedies” to electoral losses.

Now, Angle is back on the campaign trail and running for the House of Representatives. But she doesn’t appear to have toned down her extreme rhetoric. Last week, Angle sent out an e-mail blasting the Veterans of Foreign Wars for endorsing Democrats. In an e-mail titled “Don’t Allow are (sic) Veterans to be Betrayed any longer,” Angle compared Democrats to members of Al Qaeda:

The founding principles of our nation have been under siege for some time. It’s not just radical groups like al-Qaeda that threaten our liberty, either. Many of our own elected leaders have decided that the Constitution is archaic and, therefore, can be ignored! (Case in point: nationalized healthcare.) Modernized communication technologies, the liberal media, and Alinsky-like doctrine have accelerated a moral decline and an historical ambivalence that threaten the American way of life for us and future generations.

In an interview this weekend with KSNV’s To the Point, Angle was questioned about the e-mail, and not only stood firm in her assertion, but specifically singled out President Obama as a domestic enemy:


ANCHOR: Is that enemy inside the federal government? Elected members of Congress or Senate, is that the enemy?

ANGLE: Well certainly we’ve seen some leadership that has embraced things that we as Americans are really shocked at seeing, and I think that that comes directly from the leadership of the president. He has been not convincingly a constitutionalist and we know that our constitution is what should drive our involvement throughout the world, in things like what has just happened with, uh — Libya.

Watch it:

Angle is running to represent Nevada’s 2nd Congressional district, which she won by seven points last fall, despite losing the general election to Reid.