The Pentagon’s Credibility Problem

The Pentagon’s response to numerous allegations of Koran desecration has been that those allegations aren’t credible. Yet, until last week, the Pentagon had never investigated any of these allegations to find out if they were credible or not. What gives? This graph from an AP story this morning provides some insight:

DiRita said the charges of deliberate Quran desecration by U.S. military personnel were “fantastic” and “not credible on their face” because U.S. commanders were careful not to inflame passions among the detainees.

“Commanders knew it was a very sensitive issue and they didn’t need the trouble,” the spokesman said.

In other words, it was just assumed the allegations weren’t credible because the Pentagon believed U.S. commanders would never allow that sort of conduct. In the wake of Abu Ghraib, that attitude seems hopelessly naƒ¯ve and irresponsible.