ThinkFast: November 24, 2006

“Two bombs killed 22 people in northern Iraq on Friday as the government tried to tamp down violence and head off civil war a day after Sunni-Arab insurgents killed 215 people in an attack on Baghdad’s Sadr City slum that intensified Shiite anger at the United States.”

A previously undisclosed video shot in the months before the U.S. invasion in 2003, shows Saddam Hussein and his top officers demonstrating not biological or nuclear weapons, but primitive slingshots, Molotov cocktails, and crossbows.

Government whistle-blowers are facing increased retaliation for speaking out. “In the four years before the terrorist attacks, whistle-blowers filed an average of 690 reprisal complaints…annually. Since the attacks, an average of 835 complaints have been filed each year, a 21% increase.”

16,000: Number of single mothers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, “a number that military experts say is unprecedented.” A total of 155,000 women have served in both conflicts.


Leaked drug company memo: Sen. Rick Santorum’s (R-PA) loss “creates a big hole we will need to fill” and “we now have fewer allies in the Senate.” Twenty states plus the District of Columbia now have requirements for using alternative energy, and two others states — Illinois and Vermont — have non-binding goals on using renewable energy sources.

And finally: Happy Black Friday! Retailers are open longer than ever this year, taking advantage of the fact that “once dinner is over, many families are looking for some kind of entertainment.” But not all shoppers are excited. “I should have stayed in bed and shopped online,” said Eric Gordon of Albany, NY.

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