Wisconsin Church Cancels Former NFL Player’s Speech For Supporting Jason Collins

LeRoy Butler, former safety for the Green Bay Packers, was scheduled to give an anti-bullying presentation at a Wisconsin church this summer, but now the speech is off because he supported Jason Collins for coming out this week. Butler shared the following in a series of tweets today:

Wow, I was schedule to speak at a church in WI, and a member said that the pastor wants to cancel my event, I said ok why? Then I was told, because I said congrats to Jason Collins on twitter, I said really? we have a contract, he said check the moral cause. FYI the fee was 8500$,then I was told if i removed the tweet, and apologize and ask god forgiveness, I can have the event, I said no.

Then later:

I found out what happened, I guess some parents went to the church and complained about my tweet for support of Jason Collins, so sad.


Butler believes the church’s decision constitutes bullying. In fact, when he tried to resolve the situation with the church’s pastor by saying, “We agree to disagree,” the anti-gay pastor countered, “No, I’m right and you’re wrong.”

Butler’s controversial tweet?

It’s too bad; it sounds like this church could use the kind of anti-bullying lesson Butler has to offer.